Know Your Reasons Why!

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We all have goals in life.  Some we write down, others we keep at the back of our mind.  Nonetheless, we all have a future vision to which we aspire.  Whether, it’s to lead a healthier life, to meet the love of your life, to travel to an exotic locale or to simply pay off that darn mortgage, if it’s important enough to you, you will achieve it.

Achieving your goal, however, takes time and perseverance.  Life will undoubtedly put obstacles in your way and if you can’t remember the reason why you set your goal in the first place your determination will waiver.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.  Know your reasons why. 

First, set your goal date to pay off your mortgage.  There’s nothing wrong with making it an aggressive target, but make sure it’s achievable.  Second, write down the reasons why you want to achieve this goal.  It can be to eliminate the financial burden, to enable you to retire, to create financial security, or for any reason that’s important to you.  Third, create a plan to pay off your mortgage by your goal date.  There are several strategies you can use to aggressively pay down your mortgage, and the advice of a trusted mortgage broker will help make your plan a success.  The final step in achieving your plan is to put your plan into action.

When life gets in the way (and it will), take out your reasons why and read them over.  Close your eyes and imagine how you’ll feel after you burn your mortgage.  Experience those feeling now and let them drive the determination you need to succeed.  Knowing your reasons why is a critical step in making your dreams come true.

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