Proud to Be Canadian!

I’m proud to be Canadian but even prouder to be a Canadian mortgage broker.  Our great country fared better then any other industrialized nation through the great real estate recession of 2008 that continues to linger today.  Foreign mortgage financing practices caused the massive economic downturn, but Canadian mortgage financing practices have kept our country stronger than others.

What makes our mortgage system so strong is not individual rules, regulations or companies, but rather, the culture that binds us together.  As Canadians, we are cautious with our money and with the money we are entrusted.  Although we all want to make a profit with our real estate and its related businesses we’re not out to take advantage of anybody.  In Canada, we have a win-win mentality and know that we have to add value to others to keep our system strong.

On this Canada day we should all hold our heads high and be proud of the culture that we’ve created.  Our culture’s not only unique, it’s also created a real estate market that’s second to none.

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