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Creating Your Happy Place

Our home is our haven. It is our personal retreat and the one place where we have complete freedom to do as we wish. This can be a challenge as although single home owners are on the rise many of us do live with others. Regardless of the size of our home or the space we have within it, creating a sanctuary within your home is possible and can be … Read More

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Mortgages and OSFI restrictions

More, scrutiny, more security, more rejections, more more more! Gone are the days of common sense lending and the gray area. Sure tighter restrictions will help to keep the banks safer but at what cost to the general public. By increasing scrutiny (which mind you is fairly tight as is) it will become more difficult for people who may be self employed, have gone through a rough patch, or have … Read More

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Generations, and why they (don’t) matter

Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, generations we hear about them time and time again.  But when it comes to buying homes and mortgage approvals, what benefits come from being a member of one generation over another.  Well the simple fact of the matter is that there aren’t any.  Regardless of age, when it comes to mortgages, everybody wants the same thing, to not have one.  However, they are something … Read More

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