Compare Credit Cards

Compare credit cards from Canada’s top credit card companies.  Compare interest rates, annual fees and rewards to determine the credit card that offers you the most value.

Credit Card
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% on Cash Adv
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MBNA - ™TORONTO BLUE JAYS, split type front, and all related marks, designs and photographs are trademarks and/or copyright of Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership (“RBJBP”). © RBJBP 2014.16.99%24.99%TBD$01.99% annual interest rate† (AIR) on balance transfers* and deposits* for the first 10 full months
Scotiabank - SCENE®* VISA*
- Earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 you spend on credit card purchases1
19.99%21.99%$500$0Get 2,000 bonus points -- that's 2 FREE movies -- with your first SCENE credit card purchaseΩ
Cash back on everyday spendingScotiabank - Momentum Visa19.99%21.99%$500$392% Cash Back on Gas, Groceries, recurring payments
1% Cash back on eligible other purchases
MBNA - Studentawards MBNA Rewards MasterCard19.99%19.99%TBD$0Earn 1 mbna rewards point for every $1 spent eligible retail transactions‡
Home Trust - Secured Visa Card Visa14.90%N/A$500$69Virtually everyone is approved! Great opportunity to rebuild your credit history.
NHL hockey rewardsScotiabank - NHL Visa19.99%21.99%$500$291 ScotiaHockey Reward point for every $1 in purchases
MBNA - Harley-Davidson MasterCard17.99%19.99%TBD$0Earn Harley-Davidson® Genuine Rewards that are redeemable for Harley Chrome® Cash‡
Home Trust - Home Equity Visa5.99% and Up5.99% and Up$10,000$0Access the equity in your home. Up to $100,000!
RewardsScotiabank - Gold Passport Visa19.99%21.99%$5,000$1101 Scotia Rewards point for every $1 you spend
MBNA - Best Western MasterCard19.99%19.99%TBD$0Earn Best Western Rewards points for your everyday expenses!
Premium Cash BackScotiabank - Momentum Visa19.99%21.99%$5,000$994% cash back on gas and groceries
2% cash back on recurring pmts & drug store
1% cash back on other


Compare Credit Cards

Having a credit card is not only a convenience, its a necessity.  The ability to charge your purchases to your credit card allows you to delay your payment by almost a month.  Detailed monthly statements allow you to better track and manage your purchases.  The rewards offered by many credit cards include free merchandise, travel rewards and cash back.  Credit cards are a necessity for renting cars or other equipment, hotel security deposits and many online transactions.  Don’t be caught without a credit card in your wallet or purse.  Apply today for the credit card option that provides you with the most benefits.  Compare credit cards on Rateshowroom to find your ideal match.

Building Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score is essential in qualifying for a car loan and mortgage.  Credit scores are primarily based on repayment history and utilization levels.  If you’re new to borrowing then make sure you start off with at least 2 credit cards.  Credit cards are the ideal way to start building your score.  Student credit cards and guaranteed credit cards are easily obtained and are a great way boost your credit score.

Credit Cards Lead to Your First Mortgage

A home-buyer won’t qualify for a mortgage if they don’t have a credit history.  Mortgage lenders are typically looking for at least 2 accounts that have been in place for 2 or more years.  Credit cards are a great way to set yourself up to qualify for your first mortgage.  After creating your accounts make sure to make your minimum payments each month.  Even a missed payment of only $10 will have a detrimental effect.  It’s also a good idea to keep well below your authorized limit.  If you have a credit card with a $2,000 limit then try to keep the outstanding balance well below $1,000.  This demonstrates your ability to manage your finances and boosts your credit score.  Compare credit cards on rate