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The relationship between a mortgage broker and a real estate agent can be a fruitful one for all parties involved. But like any relationship, it relies heavily on communication and the ability to help one another to in the end get the best results for you, the client! There are several benefits and services a mortgage agent may provide to a real estate agent to help better their relationship; which in the end would result in a much more pleasant experience for any client involved. However, the benefits a mortgage broker/agent provides may not be immediately obvious. In order to close the deal, you’re going to need a mortgage, and that’s where we shine. While you could go directly to your bank, fill out the required paper work and live with the banks suggestion, coming to us would be the same amount of work, but rather than just giving you the banks standard rate they offer the public, we will shop around and use our VIP rates to look out for you and get the best deal possible. Now the biggest fear for everyone involved would be you go through all the work of finding a place, getting the paperwork filled out and then then your mortgage gets rejected! This is something where having a broker can be extremely beneficial. Before you get started, you should approach a mortgage broker/agent. If you can’t find one you can likely ask your real estate agent for a referral. When you come to us we can get you a pre-approval for a mortgage. With that in hand you know what kind of a mortgage you require and the amount that you’ll be approved. When you have that knowledge you can shop around accordingly and in confidence the deal will close. If you ever have any questions, we’re here. Come day or night, weekends or holidays, we like to help any and everyone that comes to us. If you have any questions as to what rates might be, what would best suit your client, or when the best time to go to the carnival would be, we will always pick up the phone (or call back promptly) to answer any and every question you have to the best of our abilities. Our number one concern is what we can do for you, and building a solid relationship with every agent and client we meet. You, are our number one concern.

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