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The Problem with Low Mortgage Rates

Anyone with a mortgage is happy to hear that mortgage rates are dropping. With today’s ultra low mortgage rates we’re even happy to hear that they’re just staying the same. Low mortgage rates mean low monthly payments and we’re all happy to have a little extra money each month. The problem with low mortgage rates is that they’re the result of an anemic economy with a weak outlook. An anemic … Read More

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The Hidden Pitfall in March’s Major Empoyment Gains

Employment numbers increased dramatically with March cranking out 82,300 jobs, surpassing economists’ expectations 8 fold.  This surge of new jobs pushed down the unemployment rate to 7.2%, its lowest rate since the recession began over 3 years ago.  This is obviously good news for the economy and is another clear signpost to naysayers that Canada is not only out of its recession, but bouncing back better than expected. Any significant … Read More

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