Creating Your Happy Place

Our home is our haven. It is our personal retreat and the one place where we have complete freedom to do as we wish. This can be a challenge as although single home owners are on the rise many of us do live with others. Regardless of the size of our home or the space we have within it, creating a sanctuary within your home is possible and can be easy to create.

Meditation is no longer a part of the fringe. It is becoming more mainstream as the days go by. It is a proven practice to help us calm our minds from the daily grind. It is time that is just for us. A form of self care that requires nothing but our presence.

Of course, there are always ways to make things a little easier. Since meditation is a difficult enough practice on its own, these simple tips can help you ease into your practice.

Find a clean space in your home that doesn’t get used for any other purpose. It can be as large as you can make it but only needs to be big enough to fit you and your meditation cushion and/or chair.

Declutter the area and keep furniture minimal. It would be nice if this area is close to a window so you can have as much natural light as possible. In the evenings, candlelight will help you guide your way in better than any unnatural light can.

Surround this space with as many traces of nature as you like. Whether a tree, a plant or pictures of either, unless you prefer other forms of peaceful images.

Some people like to play soothing sounds in the background while others prefer silence. The choice is always yours.
If you enjoy essential oils, then this is a great time to pick your favourite one and bask in its essence.

Last but not least is an altar. This is still a pretty ‘out there’ concept for many, but for me, its what helps me focus on the task at hand. Journeying back to my pure nature of bliss and happiness.

Whether you decide to meditate in your sanctuary is completely up to you. It’s your space…you can do whatever you want to do.

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