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Fixed Mortgage Rate Forecast – July 2013

5 year fixed mortgage rates are currently overpriced and you can expect to see a 0.25% drop in the next 30 days.  Fixed mortgage rates are priced off of bond yields of the same duration.  Last month the market reacted to comments from the Fed’s Ben Bernanke and bond yields shot upwards by 50 bps.  This reaction was without merit as Mr Bernanke’s comments were nothing new from his previous … Read More

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Variable Mortgage Rate Forecast – July 2013

It’s steady as she goes for variable mortgage rates for the foreseeable future.  Variable mortgage rates are linked to the overnight rate which is controlled by the Bank of Canada (BOC), and the BOC’s new chief, Stephen Poloz is maintaining the same cautious hand as outgoing chief Mark Carney. When asked when we can expect to see rates rise Mr. Poloz replied, “The honest answer is, we really don’t know”.  … Read More

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Proud to Be Canadian!

I’m proud to be Canadian but even prouder to be a Canadian mortgage broker.  Our great country fared better then any other industrialized nation through the great real estate recession of 2008 that continues to linger today.  Foreign mortgage financing practices caused the massive economic downturn, but Canadian mortgage financing practices have kept our country stronger than others. What makes our mortgage system so strong is not individual rules, regulations … Read More

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