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Generations, and why they (don’t) matter

Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, generations we hear about them time and time again.  But when it comes to buying homes and mortgage approvals, what benefits come from being a member of one generation over another.  Well the simple fact of the matter is that there aren’t any.  Regardless of age, when it comes to mortgages, everybody wants the same thing, to not have one.  However, they are something … Read More

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NOA revisions, already up for re-revisions?

Are the recent revisions the Canadian Revenue Agency made to the Notices of Assessment (NOA) really that bad?  Well no, they’re really quite good.  In the way that they have become user friendly that is.  They have become simpler and less cluttered, and all around easier for the general public to understand.  However, there is some speculation (specifically with the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association or CMBA) that the revisions have … Read More

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10% Minimum, Raising the Wrong Bar

If you’ve been in the market for a mortgage in the last couple of months there is almost no chance you haven’t noticed the talk of an increased minimum down payments from 5 to 10% on loan amounts over $500,000.  What this means for you?  Well if you’re buying a house under 500k, nothing, if you’re buying a house over 500k?  Simple, instead of putting a down payment of 5% … Read More

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