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Dan Wowk has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry with a focused expertise in the residential mortgage market. Dan's accomplished career includes an MBA from the Schulich school of business, and roles ranging from vice president of Canada's largest mortgage bank to running an independent brokerage. Dan believes in sharing his expertise with the Canadian consumer to improve their financial well being. Knowledge is Power. Be Powerful!

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Creating Your Happy Place

Our home is our haven. It is our personal retreat and the one place where we have complete freedom to do as we wish. This can be a challenge as although single home owners are on the rise many of us do live with others. Regardless of the size of our home or the space we have within it, creating a sanctuary within your home is possible and can be … Read More

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Oakville Mortgage Brokerage Opens in South Oakville Centre

An existing Oakville mortgage brokerage has opened a new retail store in the heart of Oakville.  The new store is located in South Oakville Centre (formerly know as Hopedale Mall) and boasts a prominent location in the busy alley between Tim Horton’s and the recently opened Winners. has operated in Oakville for over 5 years on a mobile bases, and this opening provides them with a solid footing in … Read More

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Fixed Mortgage Rate Forecast – August 2014

Fixed mortgage rate forecasts over the past few years have been fairly consistent in forecasting continued low mortgage rates in the near term with some upward pressure expected in medium term.  A historical look at the last 12 months however reveals a different reality.  Mortgage rates and the bonds that drive them have actually fallen almost in tandem by a half a percentage point.  Although that forecast remains unchanged today, … Read More

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Mortgage Basics

When we get down to the basics of life, it’s really quite simple.  Down to its core, all we really need is food, shelter and love.  Everything else is optional. Shelter can come in many forms.  Living with relatives, renting your home, or the loftier goal of owning your own home.  Although home ownership is not a necessary part of life, it’s a goal for most Canadians.  The good news … Read More

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Mortgage Matters

Does your mortgage matter?  Are you better off renting?  Sometimes life can feel like a daily grind.  Working to pay your bills and your mortgage, just trying to get through to the weekend so you can finally relax.  Resentment can build up pinching pennies to save up for a week’s vacation.  Some of us have even settled on renting instead for a couple hundred dollars less a month to spend … Read More

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The Miracle of Compound Interest Can Make You Rich

The miracle of compound interest can make you rich.  A house is the biggest asset you will own in your lifetime.  If you pay off your mortgage quickly using the miracle of compound interest, then you will be privileged with an impressive net worth. Take the example of Penny Morepayment.  If Penny buys her first home for $375,000 at the age of 30 and takes out a mortgage of $300,000, … Read More

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The Home of Your Dreams is Within Reach

The home of your dreams is still within reach.  Weather you’re currently renting and saving to buy your own home or are currently a home owner and dreaming of that ideal home, be advised, that home is within reach.  All the talk about an overvalued housing market and the implementation of the tightest mortgage rules in decades shouldn’t discourage you from working towards the home of your dreams.  The Canadian … Read More

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Life is Short, Make your Mortgage Shorter

One positive consequence of the tighter mortgage rules is shorter amortizations.  While extending your mortgage over 40 years may make your payments more manageable and allow you to qualify for an even bigger home, you may never live to see your mortgage burning party. In pricier markets, the rational has been that you will enjoy significant capital appreciation that can contribute to your retirement savings.  Many are also under the … Read More

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RBC Starts Paying Realtor’s For Mortgage Referrals

Ever wonder how a Real Estate agent picks their team?  Well usually they partner with lawyers, mortgage agents, and home inspectors that are experts in their field, professional in their dealings, and can be be trusted to provide top notch service and products.  RBC is trying a different approach.  Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is offering real estate agents $1,000 for referring first time buyers to them. First time buyers … Read More

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4 Year Mortgages Make a Comeback

It must be Spring time, the mortgage wars are back.  It seems like a repeat of last year with Bank of Montreal (BMO) reducing the rate on their 5 year “no frills” mortgage to 2.99%.  There’s something about a rate below 3% that kicks off a flurry of responses from the competition.  Along with the usual warnings about the added costs of going with a “no frills” option, the banks … Read More

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