Oakville Mortgage Brokerage Opens in South Oakville Centre

ZoomMortgage.ca in South Oakville Centre

An existing Oakville mortgage brokerage has opened a new retail store in the heart of Oakville.  The new store is located in South Oakville Centre (formerly know as Hopedale Mall) and boasts a prominent location in the busy alley between Tim Horton’s and the recently opened Winners.  ZoomMortgage.ca has operated in Oakville for over 5 years on a mobile bases, and this opening provides them with a solid footing in the community.  “ZoomMortgage.ca is excited to be in South Oakville Centre to provide residents with more options for their home finanancing needs” states Harp Singh, Mortgage Agent and General Manager of the new location.

Although there are numerous mortgage agents and brokers in the region the number of retail locations remain sparse.  The opening of this store both increases the awareness of mortgage brokers in the area and increases the convenience factor when choosing to work with a mortgage broker.  More choice and great rates continue to be the mantra of the mortgage brokerage who prominantly display low mortgage rates and services offered on their multiple flat screen displays.

There are other mortgage brokers who offer prominant retail locations although the bulk of these are located in major urban downtown locations like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.  It remains yet to be seen if suburban stores like this one in South Oakville Centre will become a trend or is a unique aberration.  Either way, ZoomMortgage.ca’s entrance into South Oakville Centre is sure to benefit the local community.

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